An effective method for practicing the dialogues in your Japanese textbook


When you’re starting out with the study of a language, much of the input you receive comes from the short dialogues in each unit of your textbook.

However, input alone is not enough. Even at a basic level it is important to engage in output activities that will allow you to quickly internalize new vocabulary and structures.

In this post, I will introduce you to one of the many techniques that can help you do this.

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10 Ways Neurolanguage Coaching® Can Help You Boost your Japanese

what is neurolanguage coaching

More and more people in the world are turning to what is called Neurolanguage Coaching® in order to get faster results in learning a language.

And they are doing it in an age like ours, in which there are plenty of courses and methods of all sorts around, and the Internet even makes a huge number of learning resources available to us for free!

In fact, they realize that sometimes taking a course or trying to learn on their own is not enough. The lack of specific goals or of an understanding of their own learning style (and so failing to adopt the right strategies) can only lead to a waste of time and money.

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